Authenticity Matters

It’s not rocket science. A real cocktail uses real liquor. But instead of having to go into a bar, we’re raising it for you — using real tequila, real vodka, and real gin.  And premium at that.

We took our favorite family recipes and made them toteable, and tbh, more enjoyable. No stress, no grocery store dash, no clean-up, no-brainer.  We make what we like to drink.

The Original

Ranch Water

An authentic Ranch Water is made from just three things: premium tequila blanco, soda water, and lime. And so is ours. We keep it real (and really delicious) by using our secret family recipe. If you know you know, and if you don’t, you do now. We reckon you should give it a spin.

7% ABV / 150 Calories

Our Texas Take

Classic Margarita

Practically a national treasure, the classic margarita deserves the utmost respect. Ours is made from real tequila blanco, soda water, and lime, with a touch of orange. (None of that overly-sugary, wake-up-with-a-headache stuff.) Pop it open for an instant fiesta on your taste buds. No blender or floater necessary.

6.5% ABV / 150 Calories

The right amount of flavor

Vodka Soda w/ Cranberry

The cocktail that indoctrinated us into adulthood, the Cranberry Vodka is always a sure thing. Premium distilled vodka, soda water, and a splash of cranberry (just a splash) perfect the easygoing, easy-going-down cocktail you love, yet this one is already made.  Talk about loyalty.

7% ABV / 150 Calories

A Classic throwback, Canned

Gin Fizz

Who said classic cocktails can’t be approachable? Crafted with our exclusive gin, soda water, and a hint of lime, we’re bringing this old-school, sophisticated beverage to your fingertips — minus a speakeasy trip. Bonus: A can is waaaay easier to dance with than a martini glass.

7% ABV / 150 Calories

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