Kick Back.
Stay Awhile.

Straight-up refreshment with a splash of Texas sincerity.

Our Mission

The way we see it, cocktails should be made with real booze and shouldn’t be complicated. (Life is complicated enough.) And it needs to taste good, whether it’s in a high-ball glass or a low-maintenance can.

RANCH2O exists to provide a real cocktail experience in a convenient package without any question marks. No hidden agenda. Just straight-up refreshment with a splash of Texas sincerity.

Our Founder

Amelia Lettieri

Craving an authentic Ranch Water, but missing the ingredients to make one, Amelia realized that the alcohol industry still lacked great-tasting canned cocktails. Sure, the seltzer craze was having its heyday, but she wanted an authentic cocktail made from REAL liquor — not malt or fermented sugar — in an easy-to-grab can. Was that too much to ask? Her #1 priority: The taste of a freshly made cocktail.

Ten months after scouring the nation for premium ingredients (and tasting a ton of tequila), RANCH2O Spirits was born with the following lineup: Ranch Water, Classic Marg, Cranberry Vodka Soda, and Gin Fizz.

The flavor? Phenomenal. The experience? Next level. Turns out, a fresh-tasting canned cocktail is possible.

Our Difference

Good Spirits
For Good Spirits

More than a clever tagline, this guiding light is why we created our brand and what we intend to spread. We believe in making things easier, so we have more time to do what matters — with the people who matter. For us, this means drinking good-tasting cocktails with good friends. (Yes, we really do get together and drink RANCH20.)  Crack open a can, enjoy it, and let the good times roll.

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